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USO (United Service Organizations) Building

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Rental Information

City Council has approved a new agreement to allow private and commercial rentals of the historic 1942 USO Building beginning January 1st, 2021.  The building is located at 2105 Avenue M and has been updated within recent years with a new roof, paint, air conditioning, flooring and other amenities creating an attractive venue that lends itself to more upscale events.

For many years the USO has been utilized for City, County, ISD and Non-Profit groups.  The City has recognized that allowing private or commercial use will hep sustain and preserve this landmark and community asset and is making it available for gatherings up to 400 people under normal situations. There is a large auditorium, three meeting rooms, kitchen and foyer which accommodate several types of activities.

Facility scheduling will be prioritized under the following order of priority based on three classifications: Group 1 is municipal and County government within Matagorda County. Group 2 is civic and social organizations, charitable non-profits and other government units. Group 3 is private resident groups requiring a large facility for special events not open to the general public; commercial or business groups and non-resident groups requiring public facilities.

For rate and occupancy information, or to reserve this facility, please visit our Online Reservations website.

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