Fire Marshal

Purpose & Contribution

  • Code Enforcement
  • Fire Investigation
  • Fire Prevention

Duties & Responsibilities


  • Investigation, collection of evidence, interview property occupants/owners, witnesses and suspects
  • Work with the District Attorney’s office in reference to arson case preparation, present arson cases to grand jury, and testify as expert witness


  • Conduct inspections of commercial businesses, industrial structures, public buildings, apartments, hotels and institutions
  • Explain violation to occupant/owner and work with individuals to achieve compliance
  • Conduct re-inspections on all categories to ensure compliance with code
  • Issue permits required by the fire code for various activities and situations


of City ordinances and State laws applicable to the positions of Fire Marshal and peace officer.

Fire Prevention

  • Conduct and assist with fire drills involving public schools, day care centers, hospitals and nursing homes
  • Prepare and perform fire prevention program for any interested group or business
  • Distribute fire prevention handouts to public schools on a monthly basis
  • Assist parents with children who have a history of playing with fire


  • Respond to emergencies as required and to various complaints from the general public and City offices