Open Records Requests

Texas Law gives the public the right to access records of governmental agencies, including those of the City of Bay City. State Law also provides that certain records are the exception to the law and are not available to the public. Requests must be for information or records already in existence. The City of Bay City is happy to provide you with the records you are requesting and will do so promptly within our regular work schedule.

Submit a Request

To obtain copies of Public Records, an Open Records Request Form (PDF) must be completed. The form is available at the City Secretary’s Office or online. The minimum fee for copies is 10 cents per sheet.

If the requested documents are more than 5 years old or the requested documents fill or will fill six or more archival boxes and it is estimated that it will take more than 5 hours to provide access to the requested documents, the City can recover labor charges for the open records request up to $15 per hour.