HB 3693

HB 3693 (Government Code § 2264.001(b)) requires governmental entities (including municipalities) to publish consumption and payment information for various utility services used by the entity annually.

COMPLIANCE WITH HB 3693                                

TCAP members will comply with the requirements of HB 3693 (Governmnen Code 2265.001(b)) by compiling and posting the following information as soon as practicable after January 1, 2023:     

1) The total metered amount of electricity, water and natural gas used by the city or government entity for its services in 2022. The annual metered amounts can be separtately listed for each utility service without violating confidentiality terms. 

2) The total amount paid for electricity, water and natural gas in 2022. The total annual cost paid for the three utility services should be posted as one figure.  


The City of Bay City purchases electricity from Reliant Energy and Gexa Energy. In Calendar year 2022 the City purchased a total of: 

8,663,487 kilowatt hours.  

The City of Bay City is a municipal water supplier and does not purchase water. In Calendar year 2022, the City used a total of: 

28,137,000 gallons of water.                        

The Bay City Gas Company is a natural gas supplier and is a component unit of the City of Bay City. The City does not purchase natural gas. In Calendar year 2022, the City used a total of: 

2,606,400 cubic feet

The total cost of electricity, water, and natural gas by the City in the calendar year 2021 is: