Other Services


Recycling services are offered by the City of Bay City Recycle Center. The Recycle Center takes plastic, cardboard, newspapers, oil and cell phones. The Center is located at 1812 Avenue H and is open 8-5 except on Sunday and Wednesday.


If you are bringing a pet, you will want to know that Bay City has a leash law requiring owners to keep their animals from wandering onto other people's property. In addition, animals are not allowed to be a public nuisance by disturbing the peace of others, but there is no licensing requirements for your pets.

Pet Resources

Pest Control

People new to Texas may not know about the bugs such as termites and other pests that need to be managed on a regular basis. If you rent, your landlord may take care of this, but you want to check your lease to make sure. If it is your responsibility there are several pest control companies in town.

Water Conservation

Texas has been experiencing a drought for the last few years, so we work to conserve water in our daily lives. The best place to find information on Water Conservation at Home is from Texas A&M.

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