Becca Sitz

SitzBecca Sitz, City Council Member - Position 4

Growing up and graduating Bay City High School Class of 1980, my family has been in business and has participated in our community by volunteering and investing.

Hard work and the reward of a job well done are the backbone of America. I believe we have good citizens who want to live in a great community. I believe in family and the privilege to work hard and live a good life. 

Community Service

In addition to working as a teacher/guidance counselor in this community and others, I have served and will continue to serve in many ways. I have used my teaching certificate and Masters in Education Counseling for 27 years. With your help, I will use my degree in Finance to help the city. I enjoy being involved in my community. I have served on the following boards:

  • Bay City Historic Commission
  • Certified Local Government
  • Chamber of Commerce
  • Mainstreet
  • MC Birding Nature Center
  • MC Historic Commission
  • MC Museum
  • PEO
  • St. Peter Lutheran Church council

Support from the Community

I have enjoyed memberships and have supported many other local organizations. I hope to contribute to our beautiful, small town in the following ways. Business development, clean and orderly town, and Trains are my top three priorities. I hope you are motivated to attend city council meetings and help these goals. We are small, town America. We need to support each other and our beautiful Bay City. 


Currently elected to a third term set to expire in May 2025.