City Notification System

Emergency Notifications

Developing an emergency plan for yourself and your family can ensure that in the event of a hurricane in our area your valuables and your home is secure. These are some easy steps that you can take to be prepared:

  • Maintain adequate levels of renter or flood insurance (which includes a 30-day waiting period before going into effect), even if you do not live in a flood plain.
  • Safeguard important personal documents such as birth certificates, deeds or insurance policies.
  • Keep emergency supplies like bottled water and canned food on hand.

Additionally, I encourage you to sign up for Bay City’s Emergency Community Notification System, Hyper-Reach.

Hyper-Reach provides an open communication forum that connects city officials and first responders to the community. Hyper-Reach enables real-time, two-way communication through text, email, voice messages, social media, and the Hyper-Reach mobile app. To sign up, please visit the Hyper-Reach Signup page. You will be prompted to add your name, email, and phone number to complete the process to receive notifications from the City of Bay City in the event of an emergency.

Website Notifications

You can also sign up for email or text notifications of new Calendar events or News articles regarding the different departments of Bay City.

Sign up for Website Notifications.