About Us

The City of Bay City is in southeast Texas, near the Texas Gulf Coast. The City is about 8.87 square miles, of which 0.12 square miles of water area, with an elevation of 52 feet. Bay City is the county seat of Matagorda County. Bay City is accessible via State Highways 35 and 60 along with FM 457. These roads provide access to Houston and the market areas of Brazoria, Jackson and Wharton Counties

The City of Bay City was incorporated in 1902, then in 1989 became a Home Rule Chartered City. The City of Bay City is a Council/Mayor - City Manager Form of Government.  The elected body is made up of a Mayor and five council members who are elected on an “at-large” basis by the community. The City Manager is in charge of administering the City’s daily activities, advising and assisting City Council, and representing the City’s interests with other levels and agencies of government, business interests and the community at large. 


Through a united and collaborative effort, we seek to grow the City of Bay City with a diverse culture that is proud to call Bay City home. We envision a thriving family-centered community where citizens are involved in the future development of our city. We desire our citizens to work, play, worship, and shop in the community which we live. Visitors are welcomed and encouraged to enjoy the friendly environment and amenities the citizens and business owners have created together.


The City of Bay City is committed to fostering future economic growth by collaborating with our citizens, employers, current and future businesses, as well as the Community and Economic Development Centers. We strive to deliver superior municipal services and to invest in quality-of-life initiatives such as housing, businesses, jobs, and activities for all citizens. We make a concerted effort to respond to resident’s concerns in a timely and professional manner in order to achieve customer satisfaction.

City Services

The City’s primary objective is Public Safety. A full-time equivalent staff of 61 employees are dedicated to serving the community in the most efficient and cost-effective way possible. The City has one police station with 39 sworn police officers dedicated to serving and protecting our citizens. The Bay City Volunteer Fire Department, consisting of 27 volunteers, provides the City with fire suppression and rescue protection. Our Animal Control Department, consisting of 2 animal control officers, responds to all animal calls in conjunction with our Animal Impound.


The City of Bay City owns and operates its own water, wastewater and gas which is operated by the Bay City Gas Company. Sanitation services have been contracted out to GLF.

 Culture and Recreation 

“The Gateway to the Great Outdoors”, there are a variety of things to do within Bay City and the surrounding cities of Matagorda County. Citizens can enjoy any one of the City’s 23 parks, splash pad, pool and a sports complex. Local attractions include: Matagorda County Birding and Nature Center, Rio Colorado Golf Course, Shulman Movie Bowl Grill, Bowlera, Bay City Public Library, Matagorda County Museum, and the local downtown square.