Swim Lessons

2020 Swim Lesson Information

Kids & Adults

Skills TaughtPreschool (3 to 5) ClassYouth (6 to 13) ClassAdults (14 and Older) Class
A course that turns beginners into swimmers using a progressive, but student-focused, approach while teaching fundamental swimming skills: breath control, kicking, and floating.OctopusClown FishSting Ray
A progressive strokes course that teaches entry-level swimmers the formal strokes of freestyle and backstroke.Star FishBlue TangBeluga
A progressive advanced strokes course that teaches breaststroke and butterfly to swimmers who have already mastered freestyle and backstroke.Sea TurtleDamselWhale Shark
A progressive advanced strokes course that teaches the lifesaving strokes of side-stroke, elementary backstroke, and treading.Sea HorseYellow TangBlue Whale

Parent & Tot (Ages 6 Months to 36 Months)

Skills TaughtClass
Water Acclimation, Flutter Kick, Breath Control, Back KickingSea Otter
Breath Holding, Basic Surface Swimming, Progression Pop-Up BreathSeal

Special Needs (All Ages)

Skills TaughtClass
Based on student’s abilitiesManatee